Inspiredshez's Blog

This is my blog to help me through the writing stages!

I love reading: when I was younger I read my very first Jackie Collins novel and I became hooked.  So far I’ve met two of my favourite writers: the lady herself Ms Collins and the lovely Jeffery Deaver, who I am obsessed with :)))

I buy new books all the time, and can get through them within a month.  I prefer being under my duvet with a good book than being out getting pissed….although I do enjoy a glass of wine or pint!!!!

I don’t have very many real life friends and this is fine by me; too many fake, unreliable people in the world and I just cannot be arsed!!  My own company is good enough for me.  I have an amazing family: well my mum’s side anyways 😀 they have ALWAYS supported me in my decisions.  None of this ‘why havent you gone to uni’ shit I get from wanker father’s side.

I wanted to be a child carer at school but my love for writing was too much, and I started writing in my late teens/early twenties.  I don’t think I’m good enough to be published yet, but I’m only 29 and have my whole life still.  Plenty time right 😉  I WILL succeed, even if it aint till I’m 45 !!!


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