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{February 24, 2010}   It Just Wont Stop ;))

Everybody Loves Me.  Whenever this song is playing, (in case you didn’t know, OneRepublic sing it :))) ) I get this image (sadly not of ryan being in my…room) of my teenage female character doing some sexy pole dancing.  I wonder what ryan would say if i was to email him and tell him? That this song is a damn sexy song to pole dance to? So my writing mode just Wont Stop (see what I did there?) becoming all r rated, lol.

On a different, PG 13 note, I downloaded two more videos to my ipod touch today.  Onerepublic (I love this band) and Paloma Faith.  Who I adore.  And am seeing nxt month :)))

Goodbye Apathy 🙂


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